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kumi yama package

Kumi Yama

Full throttle in Les 2 Alpes to enjoy Kumi Yama, an unbeatable offer!

41,80€*per day per person : Lodging + Ski-Pass

(*Price from. Based on a four nights stay in a 4 guests studio, full occupancy.)

2 nights stay:

Includes 2 nights, from Friday night (04/07/2014) to Sunday (06/07/2014) for a 4 studio + 1 day of skiing with Ski-Pass (Saturday)

3 nights stay:

Includes 3 nights, from Thursday night (03/07/2014) to Sunday (06/07/2014) for a 4 studio + 2 days of skiing with Ski-Pass (Friday-Saturday)

To know every deal available, please contact us!


Tel : +33 (0)4 76 79 75 10

Email : demandes@2alpes.com

Deux Alpes Voyages

Click here to reserve for a week single occupancy lodging, without Ski-Pass.

*Prices start at 42,40 Euros for a 4 nights stay, in a 4 people studio, in the 1650 lodges. Based on full occupancy.
Items and fees not included: Bed sheets, towels, 300E deposit per apartment (returned at the end of the stay, considering no damages have been done), lodging tax (0.40E per day per person) and end-of-stay clean up.

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